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We are a group of friendly geeks, designers and engineers with a passion for technology, storytelling, innovation and just building real things. We're here to bring your creative projects to life.

As industry veterans and friendly outdoors people, our team comes together with a vision to bring real-time interactive experiences away from digital-only. We strive to create magical experiences in the real world by bridging the gap between digital and haptic.

Our vision is to become the industry’s leading branded games and solutions production partner, with collaboration, research and innovation as our key drivers.

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Building Games in Spaces

Cheil for Samsung
Black Friday Games 2023
Leo Burnett for Samsung
Samsung Galaxy flip phone launch
BoraBora studios - own IP
AURA, the Lightbringer
Tribute to Ben & Jerries
AI + Token Exploration Table
GK X Media for Porsche
Porsche Tennis Grand Prix Games
brands who got their feet wet

enjoying their time on the island


The Lab

Genuine ideas often pop up into our brain at 3 am in the bar. Ideas which emerge from a moment of joy, curiosity and mystery.
Our lab experiments try to transport our excitement about technology and crazy concepts into a real experience.
Around the World - Geospatial flying experience
Rotary Encoder Configurator
The Baconverse
Magic Mushroom Fly-through
LED Stage
Realtime Ice Frosting
Altough remote is great - so far it can't replace haptical

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We are the enabler for creative agencies and innovative brands alike.
We take the full on lead on projects, we partner up, we develop innovative ideas at the starting phase, we prototype your vision.
We love to make a difference and work with people in a fun and respectful environment.

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