BoraBora Studios

We are the full scope production partner for interactive installations and gamified experiences. We realize projects for retail, exhibitions and events.


In our studio, our international team of Designers and Creative Technologists create experiences which stand out. We focus on a smooth user journey as well as visually stunning Joy of Use. Tech is always only the enabler for next level experience touch-points and games. We develop real-time applications via Unity and Unreal Engine and also connect the dots in our clients complex backend systems.
Combining Fun with data, we know how to achieve innovation on the long run and ensure to create some magic, with real results.

Real-Time 3D Experiences

Transport your audience to breathtaking virtual worlds and immersive simulations with our expertise in real-time 3D development.
Whether it’s architectural visualization, games and gamified brand worlds or also interactive product exploration, you’ll feel the love in the details.

Game Development

Let’s play together! We know the importance of games within communication, especially for your new audience.
Combining play with multi-sensory installations, we achieve experiences to remember.
Our team of experienced game developers and storytellers transform storyboards, digital touch-points, web specials and exhibitions into games and gamified experiences, which use play to edutain and connect.

Infrastructure implementation

We build solutions with business impact in mind.
Building robust platforms for content delivery, audience engagement and analytics.
Our applications work, are monitored on a technical and user experience level and fine tuned for optimal performance.

Spatial Computing 
and Mixed Reality

From augmented reality experiences to truly immersive virtual reality environments, we create experiences that blur the line between the physical and digital worlds to open up new possibilities for entertainment, education, and enterprise. And, we’re always happy to consult you on first ideas.