Join BoraBora Studios:We a are a boutique studio specialised in digital and physical

Life on the Island.

Knowledge & Training

Knowledge is key, thats why we encourage and promote personal training, visits to events, exhibits and more.

Research & Development

We foster a strong R&D culture. Learning, researching, failing often and early. Trying and error. On our time, not on clients time.

Making Dreams come alive

Sounds like fancy AI generated blurb? We got a workshop and the skills to actually bring projects to live, teammates are dreaming off. Stop dreaming, start building.

Hands on

We bring all the various teams together multiple times a year to get their hands dirty in diffrent fields, to learn, to jump into diffrent areas and to foster teamwork

Remote Work or Home Office?

We are a physical-first company as we build IRL experiences, all our team members are located close to our offices. We encourage non-media breaking meetings. Meaning all physical, or all online.


During Summer Fridays, spanning from the last Monday of May to the first Monday of September, we encourage our team to conclude their workday early, fostering a balance between work and leisure.

Self Control and self management

Most decisions can be taken by our teammembers, Creditcard allowances, travel, purchases, taking time off. If it feels right, it usually is.

We want to know you.

Ready to kickstart a project or just want to say hello 🖖? We can’t wait to hear from you.