Satis&Fy for Disney
100 Years Exhibition

Touchtables, Exploration Table, Magic Book, Disney 100, Guardians of the Galaxy, Unity3D, Unreal5


Bringing stories alive

Experience the evolution of beloved stories and characters that have woven their magic into the fabric of global culture. With rare artifacts and original artworks, visitors can uncover the hidden gems that define Disney's extraordinary journey, the traveling exhibition is truly a place for magic and memories.

A ton of content - interactive and explorable

Within over 14 interactive exhibits, visitors can explore and immerse themselves in over 100 years of Disney history. Just imagine the amount of content that wanted to fit into this space! To allow visitors to immerse themselves in their favorite stories, this exhibition not only offers a multi-sensory experience, but also intuitive content exploration at all interactive stations, from Touchtables, to huge 86' displays controllable via rotary knobs to 'Magic Books'. Depending on the complexity of the content, special interactions make the visit an individual experience. 

Build to travel and last

After kicking off in Philadelphia in March 23, this traveling exhibition is right now running in multiple Cities worldwide, from Munich, Chicago, London to Kansas City.
With this in mind from the outset, we aimed to build all the elements into a flexible yet simple plug and play installation that would require minimal maintenance plus an easy to use setup for content adjustments and multi-language multi-location rollouts.

Holistic Planning and collaborative execution

Working with the great team at Satis&Fy, we planned the interactive execution from the very first planning meeting. This allowed us to take a holistic approach to the visitor journey, but also making it robust for children and allowing deep layers of content into the fandom spirit for adults.
Have fun exploring over 100 years of Disney's History!  

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