Real Time Deep Fake
Realistic Character Take-over

Realtime Deepfake + AI + Unreal Engine + Events


Realtime Deep Fake

AI Deepfake as enhancer for realistic character take-over. Ideally for Content Creation or Live Events inkl Rokoko powered body motion capture.

Other Realities

We are enhancing our real-time Unreal workflows by training with real-time AI to improve results and make them more... life-like! Here’s a quick look behind the scenes of our real-time (!!) live action capture.
So many opportunities for live events trade shows, OOH activations or sure, just content production.

Integrating Real-Time AI with Unreal Workflows 

Character take over might be the most effective and fun way for having a real dialogue with a virtual avatar. Played by an actor in real-time, 3D avatars can come to every digital touchpoint Out of Home. 

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