Game Jam
Highlights from our Studio's Rapid Development Event

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Game Jam

We proudly present the GAME JAM, an event we organized across our offices. We split the studio into five teams, each with a "creative/tech" mission that combined business value with a soft goal—flexible enough for everyone to break out and innovate.

Each team had just three days to create an experience, with access to the Bora Bora Fabrica for building the necessary equipment. The fourth day was used for filming a short video and presenting their projects to the rest of the teams, followed by a small award ceremony.

Submarine Expedition

Submarine Expedition is an immersive journey into the ocean's depths, where participants become part of a submarine crew exploring mysterious underwater realms. Using Unreal Engine 5.3, the game features stunning visuals, Logitech X 56 HOTAS joystick and throttle for submarine control, and a Leap Motion-controlled robotic arm. The team crafted realistic levels with unique flora and lighting, integrating responsive gameplay and advanced control systems. Challenges included designing a human-like robotic arm, creating diverse environments, and ensuring seamless interaction through precise calibration.

Each project showcases our team's creativity and technical prowess, resulting in innovative and incredible experiences! If you’d like to know more or maybe try out one of these experiences yourself, just write us a message or come visit us at one of our locations. We’d be happy to show you around.

Wavy Outrun

Wavy Outrun is a terraforming adventure game where players navigate Synth Wave speedboats by digging through real sand to forge paths in a virtual world. The game, inspired by Synthwave, Vaporwave, and Retrowave aesthetics, features simple UI, an animated grid shader, and a massive Synthwave Sun. Developed using Unity 2023.2 Beta and Azure Kinect, the team created realistic water simulation, dynamic boat physics, and a resilient sandbox setup. Challenges included finding the right sand, building a durable sandbox, and aligning physical point cloud maps with virtual elements.

Each project showcases our team's creativity and technical prowess, resulting in innovative and incredible experiences! If you're curious to learn more or want to try these experiences firsthand, feel free to reach out or visit us at any of our locations. We'd love to give you a tour! Additionally, you can find more details about each project and behind-the-scenes insights on our Lab page.


Joourney is a downhill bicycle riding game that uses experimental touch-markers for interaction. Players control the bike's handle by placing markers on a touch screen to navigate through control points. Created with Unity 2022.3.4f1, the SimpleBicycle Physics package, and Unity Terrain URP Demo Package, the team faced challenges integrating two screens, optimizing touch inputs for real-time interaction, and enhancing the SDK to support both touch-markers and regular finger touch.

Puppet Project

The Puppet Project is a Quest VR game where players use a slingshot to shoot down evil puppets before they can escape. Players use a thumb-up gesture to activate the slingshot, then pinch and pull with the other hand to shoot. Developed with Meta Quest Pro, Unity 2022.3.25f1, and the XR Interaction Toolkit, the team overcame challenges like quick iteration setup, installing Oculus Link, and enabling hand tracking in play mode. They also designed custom hand meshes and resolved export issues from 3DS Max to Unity.


Pashase is an endless dance game where players control an airplane through a breathtaking landscape using a dance mat. Inspired by Synthwave visuals and music, the game emphasizes dancing and good vibes. Players navigate using intuitive controls (Up, Down, Left, Right) with dynamic 3D elements and responsive feedback. The team focused on creating visually stunning environments, ensuring smooth interactions with the dance mat, and synchronizing targets for an Instagram-worthy experience.

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