Liganova for Porsche
Dreamers Table

AI + Token Exploration + Interactive Store Experience


Dreamers Table

Enriching the boutique bar with a digital projected interface via seamlessly blending the tangible and digital worlds at the heart of the Porsche Concept Store in Stuttgart.

Over 50.000 AI pre-generated images

Commissioned by Liganova for the grand opening of the Porsche Brand Store in Stuttgart, our mission was to introduce an interactive experience that enriches the physical bar with a digital layer. The Dreamers AI Table invites customers to engage and delve deeper into the brand theme: ‘Driven by Dreams.’

To seamlessly blend the tangible and digital worlds at the heart of the Store, we generated over 500.000 AI images and created a custom CMS for approving and moderating AI images - as per policy - only approved images were allowed to be shown to customers. As every combination had more than 20 generated images, it is unnoticeable for the customers that the images are AI-pregenerated.
A custom QR code allows users to download their generation.

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