Aura: The the Lightbringer
Story driven interactive installation

Custom game development + Kinect + Interactive Retail Experience + Themed entertainment


Kinect enabled motion controlled game interaction

What started out as an experiment, ended up turning into a complete game experience. Aura is an easy flowing gameplay with beautifully crafted aesthetics and soothing meditative sounds. Playable not at home, but at venues, retail, museums, popups stores out in the real world - without the need of your ever-present mobile phone.

We are using an Azure Kinect for body tracking, so no controller is needed to get started. You can literally walk by on the street at a shopping window and start playing. We wanted to offer some tranquility and peace while providing some fun and easy ways to explore and share.

Unraveling the Mysteries of a Darkened World

Embark on a journey through a world cloaked in darkness, where the remnants of light flicker faintly in the shadows. In this atmospheric adventure, your mission is to restore vitality and radiance to a realm plunged into obscurity.

You begin amidst a desolate landscape, shrouded in clouds of gloom. Yet, amidst the gloom, hope glimmers faintly. As you gather fragments of light, the pulse of life within the world begins to quicken, illuminating the path ahead.

At the heart of this fractured realm lies a dormant volcano, once the lifeblood of the land, now extinguished and broken into myriad shards. Yet, amidst the ruins, small luminous beings endure, guardians of the dwindling light. It falls upon you to aid these diminutive creatures in rekindling the flame of life, to breathe vitality back into the world.

Venture forth, collecting the scattered remnants of the volcano's power to bolster your own strength and agility. Navigate the ethereal sea of clouds, evading obstacles and forging your own path through the enigmatic landscape. Along the way, uncover the echoes of a bygone era, encountering ancient relics and remnants of a once-thriving civilization.

Rediscover the Radiance of the Volcano

As you traverse the shadowed expanse, the significance of your quest becomes ever clearer. Each shard of light collected serves as a beacon of hope, drawing you closer to the dormant heart of the world.

With perseverance and determination, you may yet succeed in awakening the slumbering volcano, igniting the brilliance of the aurora borealis once more. Let your journey be guided by the flickering glow of possibility, as you embark on a voyage to reignite the very essence of life itself.

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