Wavy Outrun - Game Jam 2024

Author: Tim – Rookie of the Year, 3D Artist, Unreal Developer

Terraforming Adventure in Synth Wave Speedboats

Fuel your adventure by digging through real sand to forge a path for your Synth Wave Speedboat in the virtual world of Wavy Outrun. Navigate through obstacles, snag speed boosts, and conquer the waves to claim the ultimate high score. Inspiration & Style: Drawing from the aesthetics of Synthwave, Vaporwave, and Retrowave games, Wavy Outrun promises a visually striking experience.

UI and Enviorment

Our UI keeps it simple and sleek, presenting only the essential information for maximum clarity, Immerse yourself in a box with an Animated Grid Shader surrounding the terrain. Bask in the glow of a massive Synthwave Sun, our primary light source, while post-processing effects enhance the overall look and feel.

Technical Overview

Crafted using Unity 2023.2 Beta, Wavy Outrun utilizes the new Unity water system for realistic water simulation and floating objects. Azure Kinect, coupled with the Unity Azure Kinect plugin, scans the physical terrain, while a Unity VFX graph visualizes the height map terrain projection with colored particles based on z-values. Boat physics and floater objects ensure authentic wave structures and dynamic riding curves.


Finding the Right Sand: After grappling with expensive kinetic sand and DIY mixtures, we settled on garden-lake-filter sand for the perfect texture.

Building a Resilient Sandbox

Our solution? A gardening raised bed frame that offered quick setup and a sturdy base plate, thanks to Timon's ingenuity.

VFX Heightmap

Initially struggling with incorrect z-axis values, we refined our approach by reading and transferring pixel values from a transformed height-image-map to the terrain map.

Overcoming Difficult Lighting

With projector limitations and an uninviting painting room, we fashioned our own darkroom using materials graciously provided by Exponatwerke.

Mapping the Physical World

Calibration mode became crucial for aligning physical point cloud maps with UI elements and 3D obstacles, ensuring a seamless integration with the water surface.