Puppet Project - Game Jam 2024

Author: Arnau – 3D Artist

Puppet Project

Quest VR game of shooting down evil puppets with a slingshot before they can escape. Thumb up gesture to activate the slingshot, pinch and pull with the other hand to shoot.

Technical overview

  • Meta Quest Pro with hand interactions
  • Unity 2022.3.25f1
  • XR Interaction toolkit + XR Hands


  • Set up for quick iteration (play to device)
  • Installing Oculus Link
  • Enabling the right dev tools to have hand tracking supported in play mode through meta link (only supported when in Unity editor). From the Meta Link app: Settings > Beta > Developer Runtime Features set to true was the key
  • In Unity Plugin Provider OpenXR + MetaQuest feature group that comes from the Unity OpenXR Meta package (Oculus XR didn't seem to work to support hand tracking through Link, but was also included in the project)

Designing for hands

Thumb up gesture resulted from testing how to force the user to NOT block one hand with the other and lose tracking

Replacement hand mesh design for custom hand in VR

Bones are positioned based on tracking, so doing custom separated parts per fingers or parts of the hands doesn't work very well and leads to clippings and incorrect deformations. One single "skin" mesh much better.

3DS Max to Unity export issues with axes and scale. We tried to sort it before importing. More timeconsuming but fewer chances of spiraling messes.