Pashase - Game Jam 2024

Author: Paco – Full stack Developer, WebGL, Web, Backend, IoT, Installation


Dance is the future of sustainable fuels. Travel with us to the fantastic city of Pashasaland on our danceship!

Quick fact: The title comes from the Word Game of mixing the names of the team memebers, Paco, Sasha, and Seonga.


The concept is an endless dance dance revolution kind of game where you control an airplane soaring through a breathtaking landscape. At the heart of Pashase lies dancing and good vibes. You'll always be visible on the horizon, ensuring an experience that feeds your ego and screams Instagram-worthy moments. With Synthwave as our style foundation, get ready for a visually stunning journey.

Interaction & U/X:

Navigate your way through the game using intuitive controls: Up, Down, Left, and Right on a dance mat. Expect dynamic 3D elements with responsive feedback, like explosive hits. Targets are synchronized seamlessly for a straightforward, no-combos-needed experience.

Technical Overview

Powered by Unity 2022.3.13f1, Pashase boasts HDRP, VFX particles, and point cloud technology. Playable on various platforms, including dance mat, desktop, and mobile. Utilizing Kinect Azure, we bring your point cloud to life. Plus, immerse yourself further with projection onto a large screen.


Selecting the perfect song was a fun hurdle! Balancing a sleek style with clear U/X proved challenging, as excessive shaders and shininess initially obscured game elements. What looked stellar in Blender required adjustments in Unity, tweaking environmental lighting and shaders. We also had to navigate the learning curve of dance mat skills, adjusting game flow to accommodate escalating difficulty levels. Beatmatching music, 3D targets, and landscape posed synchronization challenges, prompting us to fine-tune our library for optimal performance.