Joourney - Game Jam 2024

Author: Luis – Creative Technology. Unity 3D


Ride a downhill bicycle while using an experimental touch-markers based interaction. Use the markers to control the bike's handle and get to the end of the control points.

Technical overview

  • 2 Displays (one touch screen)
  • 2 Touch-markers
  • Unity 2022.3.4f1
  • SimpleBicycle Physics package
  • Unity Terrain URP Demo Package


  • 2 screens: Trying to make the content feel part of the same environment
  • Making use of the touch inputs for "real-time" interactions, after playing it we realized that quick reactions are not ideal for this phygital- interface.
  • When placing the tokens too close to each other, the current algorithm cannot detect them.
  • Touch-markers + regular finger touch would require extra development in the current SDK.