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We dont really care how much or little you work, if it fits into your lifestyle, and fits into our livestyle and we can both benefit, great!

Cologne, Barcelona and Beyond

We have an office in Cologne right in the middle of the party area, and a fresh new office in Barcelona right at the beach. We dont see our offices as just work places, but as experience hubs... were we meet, dance and work. Dont feel forced to come, but feel free to come.
Its not all about numbers, but your job certainly is

Accounting / Bookkeeping / Controlling

We are looking for a friendly, humble, reliable and crazy, beer/wine/water drinking accountant / assistance to the CEO.
Ideally you have agency or studio experience and like working in a funky, creative, sometimes crazy and professional environment.

You know your way in all things accounting, ideally your are a "Steuerfachangestellter" and know your way around the german tax system.
We are trying to be fully AI based, have the right tools to lower your workload, but in the end - you are here to make all our processes flow as smooth as possible. You'll prep our bookkeeping and accounts for a smooth transition to our tax companies and our lovely states.

As we have multiple entities, in Germany, Spain and America - you'll keep an eye across all activities.

English is a must, German and/or Spanish as add-on preferred.

You can work in our cologne or barcelona office or remote, but need to be willing to travel to our company parties here and there.

Merging the real world with the digital one - creating out of this world experiences.

3d Artist

We are looking for a friendly, humble, reliable and crazy, beer/wine/water drinking creative 3d Artist / concept artist.
You have worked in studios with brands before and are a go to person who wants to get things done and is passionate about the work at hand.

You know your way in the digital design realm and are eager to work with an international young studio which specialises in story telling, brand communication and tries to push the envelope further on what is possible with technology and design.

You are versed in 3D workflows and the entire pipeline, from concept/sketching, to modelling, to materials, shaders and bringing those to live in Unreal/Unity with our dedicated Unity/Unreal developers.

Sometimes its about nailing a client brief, the other times its about just letting your creative juices flow freely on projects were we wanna just be us.

You’ll be working across a range of projects, mainly merging digital and haptical together, in installations, museums, retail, AR/VR, art creations, brand communication, apps and more.

You love design, art and crazy shit.
You love to experiment, you love to be transparent, open and try new things out.
You don’t love working crazy hours, but aim to work smart.

You wanna fly yourself and us to another level.

This aint just another job, the ideal canditate understands that you'll be shaping the studio and your workplace - to create the place you and we all would and will love to work.

QA those apps, flash those devices, travel the world, make it kick ass.

SysAdmin / DevOps / Field Technician

You'll be a jack of all trades in the technical field. In the office you will work with our designers and developers to create kick ass experiences, and you'll be right in there QA'ing the shizzle out of it. You'll make sure with the team that stuff runs fluffy and stable.

Once its comes to deployment and rollout, you'll be the go to go to setup exhibits, potentially networks and computers and make sure, you have the team around you - you need. We're doing projects all over the world, so a bit of travelling will be involved. We are strictly in favour of combining business with pleasure, so be assured you wont stay in a gray bunker, but in a happy place with pools and fun.

A knack for problem-solving, building positive relationships with customers and clients will be equally important than being awesome in the technical field

You will be in charge of our hardware & software, of our kiosk rollout platforms and processes, on site and off-site.

Not alone, but surrounded by a passionate team of creatives and developers.

We'll be happy to hear from you no matter what age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, religion or disabilities.

Create the slickness. Push the Matrix.

Junior/Senior creative technologist

Reliable, beer/wine/water drinking creative developer.

You adore slick user interfaces, you digg realtime 3D, you love playing around with particles and animations. You love sensorics and merging digital with haptical!

You love love Unity and/or Unreal.

You're going to be jumping around and bring Kinect and Realsense installations to life, you are digging into shaders, blueprints C# or C++ code and create magical experiences.

You'll be unleashing the next hot stuff, across real world installations and digital devices.

You love to research and innovate on new things. We'll push your creative and technological limits, we expect you to push ours.

You are not alone, we're in this together.

We'll be happy to hear from you no matter what age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, religion or disabilities.

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