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Fulltime, halftime, anytime, partytime!

We dont really care how much or little you work, if it fits into your lifestyle, and fits into our livestyle and we can both benefit, great!

Cologne, Barcelona and Beyond

We have an office in Cologne right in the middle of the party area, and a fresh new office in Barcelona right at the beach. We dont see our offices as just work places, but as experience hubs... were we meet, dance and work. Dont feel forced to come, but feel free to come.
Creative Technologist with focus on Unreal

Unreal Developer

Reliable, happy creative developer with focus on Unreal Coding and Blueprinting.

You adore slick user interfaces, you digg realtime 3D, you love playing around with particles and animations. You love sensorics and merging digital with haptical, you love creating games which ship and people play. We are not a AAA game studio, we create experiences and games for brands, which usually ship within 6 months.

You are fully integrated into the Unreal pipeline.

You're going to creating slick games for Retail stores, museums, the web, Mobile. You'll bring Kinect and Realsense installations to life, you are digging into shaders, blueprints and C++ and create magical experiences, together with our Unreal and Unity developers, artists and innovation teams.

You'll be unleashing the next hot stuff, across real world installations and digital devices.

You love to research and innovate on new things. We'll push your creative and technological limits, we expect you to push ours.

You are not alone, we're in this together.

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