Summit AR Scavenger Hunt

Enhancing the showroom in Paris with an interactive Scavenger Hunt in Augmented Reality.

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What we created

For this years fashion show in Paris, we reinterpreted the visual elements of the store campaign, creating an explorable and animated narrative that highlights the designs of the different SUMMIT watch faces. The design challenge was to bring static 2D images to life in a 3D environment without losing style. Thanks to Unity's Sketch shaders, we took the 3D models and implemented a cohesive pencil sketch look and feel. Exact room tracking, masking of objects in front, accurate light and shadows make the experience truly realistic and fun.

What is Lightship AR Technology?

With Niantic's ARDK Lightship, we seamlessly merge the physical and digital worlds. We can access depth detection, occlusion, semantic segmentation, and the Visual Positioning System to anchor virtual content in physical spaces, even for multiplayer augmented reality games.

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