Leo Burnett for Samsung

Samsung Galaxy flip phone launch

For the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Leo Burnett asked us to develop a classic but fun retro-future style Pinball game for Web. Players can take part in a scoreboard and win! We embedded a localized high-score board plus a global ranking, which is only accessible at Arcade machines at the Retailers.

Play the game and win

What better way to engage customers than with a fun game! Pinball is easy to understand; an intuitive logic that allowed us to embed the product features into several mini-games that are activated while playing. Different modes change the environment and image - or even turn it upside down! Just like the campaign claim: Join the flipside. All of this including custom sound design. Unity Game Design plus Backend Score Set up.

With a lot of attention to detail, these features ensure that even pro gamers would be captivated. Plus, the incentive to play was not only to have fun, but to place in the global leaderboard and win a Samsung product.

Flipper 05
Flipper 01
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