Leo Burnett for Samsung

Samsung Galaxy flip phone launch

For the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Leo Burnett asked us to develop a classic but fun retro-future style Pinball game for Web. Players can take part in a scoreboard and win! We embedded a localized high-score board plus a global ranking, which is only accessible at Arcade machines at the Retailers.

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What better way to engage customers than with a fun game! Pinball is easy to understand; an intuitive logic that allowed us to embed the product features into several mini-games that are activated while playing. Different modes change the environment and the image - or even turn it upside down! Just like the campaign claim: Join the flipside. 
With a lot of attention to detail, these features ensure that even pro gamers will be captivated, and the chance to participate in the global leaderboard and win a Samsung product definitely contributes to this as well. Custom sound design. Unity Game Design plus Backend Score Set up.

Flipper 05
Flipper 01
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