GK X Media for Porsche

Porsche Tennis Grand Prix Games

Custom Soundbar with reactive 3D Objects, PONG, Quiz and AR Selfie Game

Easy Gameplay - Focus on Joy of Use

GK-X Media asked us to develop four interactive gamified experiences that would allow Grand Prix 23 visitors to play and connect to enhance their fun and experience in the arena.
Considering that the target audience is mainly families, we focused on simple and intuitive gameplays and input controls.
The WebAR Selfie experience challenges visitors to prove their reactive skills and win virtual items for the selfie mode. The Pong and Reactive Soundbar is staged with a custom stand and joysticks as well as a rotary encoders to select music. 

Background / Tech

Since we developed multiple experiences, we considered for each App the ideal Tech solution, either Unreal Engine, Touchdesigner, Unity, and workflow, to allow a smart asset management and keep the process streamlined. Since we mainly work with real-time engines, we can do onsite changes and content adoption, without the need of long render processes. 

Porsche Soundbar WIP
Bildschirm foto 2023 05 11 um 10 38 34 removebg preview
Porsche Pong set up
IMG 2031
Porsche Set up Arena
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