For the Skoda LET'S EXPLORE exhibition in Lyon and Barcelona, we created a personalised interactive experience with multiple Touchpoints fulfilling one storyline: 'Make every km count'. Visitors received a custom RFID badge, which tracked their progress and km count across the experience including an 8M reactive tunnel, multiple game stations, a sound shower experience and more.

Personalized Visitor Journey

With the use of short and long range RFID trackers, we implemented a personalized visit and enabled everyone to take part in the theme of 'Make every km count' 
Visitors could tap and activate stations, play and explore and collect km's in the process. The check out terminal summarized this data and allowed the visitors to take along a very customized journey.

Games, Immersive AV Experiences and Interactive Exploration

The Odometer, a 8 x 3m back-projected tunnel, transitioned the actual real-time data of collected km into a reactive art installation, which allowed visitors to dive into a particle audiovisuell onboarding. Several interactive exhibits invited to learn more about Skoda by playful collaborative games experiences or sensual audio exploration.

A custom developed multi-player Skoda car game, allowed visitors to engage with up to four players in an adventure throughout a custom build Skoda island. After logging in via RFID badge, players used a token on the touchscreen to explore the island and activate hidden stories as well as collect kilometers. We transitioned the visuals of the campaign TV Ad into an interactive game world, showing scenic beaches and uncovering stories throughout.

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