simple for Beiersdorf Nivea

Interactive Exhibits for the Beiersdorf Heritage Room

For the newly built campus of the German brand Beiersdorf, the mother company of brands like NIVEA and TESA, our partner simple asked us to design and develop multiple exploration touchpoints that bring to life the content of over 100 years of the brand.

How to explore content and stories?

The visitor journey in the Heritage Room begins with the PEOPLE exhibit, which consists of a replica of the original pharmacy shelf and an innovative transparent OLED panel combined with RFID tags. We designed several stories about Beiersdorf's founders that can be explored by simply placing the characters on the panel in front of them.
After this onboarding, visitors can explore more in-depth content such as brand stories and activate Magical Moments on the 65" MOMENTS interactive token table.

The PLACES exhibit shows the locations of all the brands by simply rotating the sphere. And the interactive PICTURES installation allows visitors to intuitively swipe and explore the brand's complete image and video data and filter content based on preferences using the token.

Apotheke 02
BDF Tisch 01
BDF Apotheke 01
BDF Welt 01
BDF Apotheke 04
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