Food Academy Germany

Customer Experience App

A custom mobile App to showcase how technology is enhancing the future of grocery shopping for the students at the Food Academy: Germany's biggest competence center for food and groceries. To do that in a fun and interactive way, we designed and developed four different character personas the students could empathize with and guide through the demo supermarket.

Indoor Navigation based on UWB system

A native Android App for Tablets which guides the user through the supermarket und lets him explore multiple touch points like Augmented Reality features for an interactive POS activation, specific product information with barcode scanning and many more. The app is developed with an intuitive and long living CMS, which enables the team of the Food Academy to add and change products within shelfs however needed. 
It embeds two parts, the story-driven customer journey as well as the click and collect function.

The indoor navigation works for up to 40 devices with a precise tracking to show the easiest ways through the market.

Design & Development

Together with the Food Academy team, we evaluated the characteristics of the individual personas and translated them into small onboarding narratives so that students can engage with them in a playful way. As part of the role play, students receive these narratives on a handout tablet - this not only serves as a shopping list, but also enables an exploratory customer journey across multiple touch-points.

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