Cheil for Samsung

Black Friday Games 2023

Together with Cheil, we custom designed and developed 5 catchy and fun web games which enabled Samsung customers across 27 European countries to play and instantly win Vouchers redeemable in Samsung's web store. The two protagonists G.NUSMAS and Cybercat discover Smartopia, a futuristic world we created for their campaign key visual and the 2.5D Game Map.

Smartopia Keyvisual: AI Inspiration, 3D Creation

For a smart asset creation workflow, our team designed the campaigns key visual and customized the game map based on it. We began the creation by exploring styles and directions via AI and then proceeded with architectural sketches as the basis for the 3D creation. After that, we started with the animations that enhance life on the island. Since the game takes place in the browser, we had to consider the performance for such a detailed 3D world, so we decided to go with the 2.5D version.

Games to connect, have fun and win!

Glossy frontend meets a solid infrastructure. We designed and developed 5 story-driven mini games, always keeping in mind that we are not targeting the classic gamer, but ALL Samsung customers. Therefore, we thought the games should be fun, intuitive and fit the story that allows G.NUSMAS to explore Smartopia, with the help of smart Cybercat.

Each building represents one of Samsung's products and hosts its own game. Winners received instant vouchers that they could redeem in-store or take part in a competition. All of this, all across Europe.

In addition to those games, we made a longer-term game: G.NUSMAS MISSION. Every day, an icon was hidden on the website that customers had to find and collect during the campaign

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