Cheil for Samsung

Black Friday Game Special

Play and win! Black Friday Action for Samsung. On the web, on mobile, in Arcade mode…everywhere!

Background & Execution

Cheil asked us to support Samsung’s Black Friday week with the design and development of 5 different 80's styled 8bit Games: all in with custom characters, sound design and based on classic gameplays. Transforming shoppers into gamers, we could achieve a seamless integration for multiple devices where players could win multiple vouchers to immediately redeem in the online store. 

To combine the digital games with the physical counterpart and reach as many touch points as possible with one development, we added playable real-life arcade machines to the web versions.

Backend Voucher Logic

Our custom developed backend logic allowed us a smooth content integration for 16 languages and client side management of these, as well as an individual voucher creation per country.
This ensured a easy customizable country adoption and rollout.

In total: the campaign captivated 750.000 players in 16 countries across Europe.
Compare to the year before, this meant +400% conversion rate and +24% of orders!

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