Magic Mushroom Fly-through

The Magic Mushroom Cave is an experimental interactive game project. All assets are made from scratch and procedurally generated with SideFX Houdini. We brought the Houdini assets to life in Unreal Engine 5.1 . You can fly through this beautiful cave and explore underwater worlds by moving your hand above the Ultraleap 3DI (leapmotion).

All assets including 3D models, animated shaders and special effects have been created  from scratch.
Ultraleap's 3DI (Leap Motion Controller) is being used to controll the game, which was developed using Unreal Engine 5.1.

With the help of the hand tracking function, players can fly through the cave tunnels and go on a trippy journey full of surprises. 
While exploring an open world, players are expected to solve puzzles, find treasures. Via movement with the left hand, players can influence the size of the mushrooms - which might have an impact the journey.

Mushroom 1
Mushroom 2
Mushroom 3
Mushroom 4
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