AMIGO - Barcelona game special and apparel try-on

To demonstrate how games can enhance the shopping experience, we created this Barcelona featured game. Amigo Runner is a game that can be "plug and play" into multiple environments and channels: from mobile game to playable on our custom built balance boards. All with full customization from avatar creation to virtual fashion fitting. With Amigo Runner we showcase multiple customer journey touchpoints in one game. In short: Start by picking your outfit, play and earn points, get rewarded in shop and try your outfit via AR, e.g. via SnapLens, share with friends.


Amigo.. its getting hot in the city. Lets hang out and have a drink at Macba. 
But wait. Is this police? 

Run the streets through Raval, Barceloneta and Arc de Triomf.
Collect samosas to keep up your energy and most important:
don't get caught!

Customize, Play, Try on

We are embracing the GenZ shopping experience and aiming for a more fun way of exploring fashion and styles.
Digital garment twins can be produced by our team depending on the level of detail and distribution channel.

Story Amigo
Amigo Police
Amigo Beach
Style Amigo
Amigo AR
Amigo balance board
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